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At Skye Dental, investing in the best dental technology is very important to us. Not only does this ensure that your dental treatment is as safe as possible, it also offers the best results and increased comfort for our patients!

Our advanced technology means that our digital workflow is more efficient and streamlined, so you will always receive a smooth service and excellent treatment at every visit.

In addition, having the best equipment at their fingertips is fantastic for our team. Using the most modern techniques and tools gives them additional confidence in their day-to-day work, and it also makes their working day smoother and more interesting. We all love a great gadget!

Digital Scanners

The intraoral scanner is the most up-to-date scanner on the market, as well as being the most accurate of all digital scanners out there.

This is the tool we use at Skye Dental take digital impressions. If messy dental impressions have put you off having treatment in the past, rest assured you won’t have to worry about those with us. It is also great for patients who have a bad gag reflex and are worried about choking or being uncomfortable when records are taken.

The intraoral scanner is a handheld device. Your dental practitioner will use it to take a scan and within seconds you’ll be able to see a picture forming on the screen next to you. It is completely safe and you won’t feel a thing.

Once the scan is ready, your dentist will show you the images and you can discuss your treatment together – it is so much easier to understand what’s possible when you have a picture of your teeth to discuss.

We will use the intraoral scanner when planning teeth straightening treatment such as Invisalign, or carrying out dental restorations such as crowns, veneers and implants. It’s accuracy ensures high quality dental restorations.

Our on-site CBCT scanner

At Skye Dental we have our own Cone Beam Computerised Tomography (CBCT) scanner on-site, which means you will not have to go elsewhere if you require a 3D x-ray.

We believe this is an essential part of our service, especially for nervous patients, as we can ensure your care is always delivered in the way that you expect, in the surroundings of our beautiful practice.

CBCT scans take a 3D image and they are most commonly used for dental implant planning or wisdom teeth removal as they will show the teeth, jawbone, sinus and nerves. This is especially useful for precise dental implant surgery and it helps our dentists to build up a full picture of your dental health in order to plan your treatment.

Our dental radiography equipment also allows us to take every kind of x-ray we need. This includes OPG (full mouth) x-rays, Lateral Ceph x-rays required for orthodontic treatment and also smaller x-rays. The equipment can be useful for patients who have bad gag reflexes and do not allow standard small x-rays in the mouth. Basically, at Skye Dental, we have it all!

EMS Prophylaxis Master

This dental hygiene machine is the cream of the crop when it comes to providing clean teeth.

At Skye Dental, we believe in not only providing the best dental treatment possible but in the most comfortable way possible. Thanks to the Swiss Technology behind the EMS machine, the dentist can provide the most clinically-proven thorough dental cleaning there is. Using the Guided Biofilm Technique (GBT), we can assure you that all those stains and all that nasty plaque and tartar build-up is removed from your teeth and we can show you how effective it is! Read more about it in our Blog about GBT.

AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is the latest EMS innovation for the "Guided Biofilm Therapy": a unique solution for caries, perio prevention and maintenance. Created for intensive professional use, the device is characterized by unique ergonomics, high precision, easy maintenance and compliance with the highest hygiene standards. The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master has been designed with the highest standards of performance, safety and comfort in mind, being specifically built to cater to the 3 core treatments of the Guided Biofilm Therapy.

AIRFLOW PLUS powder comfortably and efficiently removes biofilm, stains and young calculus supra and sub-gingivally reducing the need for hand and power instrumentation. No more rubber cups, brushes and paste. The PIEZON® NO PAIN with PS Instrument delivers minimally invasive scaling where needed. The treatment is performed with a regulated irrigation temperature and activated by a wireless Bluetooth foot pedal.

Able to deliver 32,000 linear oscillations per second without any lateral deflection, providing a predictable and high-precision treatment outcome. It also has a built-in dynamic power-response feature that constantly adapts output power to the applied force for maximum patient comfort.

Temperature control
Unique temperature control feature and 5 levels to choose from. Select between unheated, 25°C, 30°C, 35°C and 40°C - ideal for children, sensitive patients and recall appointments.

High-Precision Spray
The PERIOFLOW nozzle provides a minimal-invasive access to periodontal pockets, restorations and implants without the need to remove crowns or prosthetic works thanks to its slender design and high-precision spray.

The Wand

“The Wand” or STA (Single Tooth Anaesthesia) system is a local anesthetic delivery system. The system eliminates the use of the traditional syringe-style injection for numbing your mouth before a dental procedure. If you're afraid of needles, then the Wand STA system is perfect for you.

What is The Wand?

It is a computer-controlled injection technology that allows the injection of the local anesthetic below the patient’s pain threshold, making the injection precise, efficient and virtually painless.

How does it work?

The STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System works by controlling the flow rate and monitoring the exit pressure of the tip of the needle, allowing the dentist to deliver local anesthetic at a precise and consistent flow rate below the patient’s pain threshold - thus, optimizing predictability. The patented, Dynamic Pressure Sensing (DPS) technology makes this possible. Visual and audible feedback from the unit aids the correct location for injection.

Check our Skye Dental’s blog on The Wand to read more.

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