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For some patients the anxiety is mild, so they are able to attend appointments; albeit reluctantly. However, for others the fear or phobia is so intense that they cannot even enter a dental practice.

Wherever you fall on the fear spectrum, we are here to help. We believe that every patient should have a seamless, enjoyable experience when they visit the dentist, and this is exactly what we want to create for you.


Common dental fears

  • A fear of the unknown
  • An aversion to the different sounds and smells of a dental practice
  • A traumatic past experience at the dentist
  • A ‘inherited’ fear – if a parent was a nervous patient this may have been passed on
  • Concerns that treatment will be painful
  • Worries about being ‘told off’ by the dentist
  • Nervous about the safety of visiting the dentist during the pandemic

This is just a small sample of some of the common reasons for dental phobia, but there are many more and every single reason is understandable. We understand and want to help you manage it.

Common dental fears

Working with nervous patients

The first thing we ask is that you tell us about your fears, however mild.

If we have an understanding of the things you are concerned about we can work towards making our service more suitable for you, helping to alleviate those worries.

If you are a new patient and would like to visit us before booking an appointment, we are happy to arrange this. This can help to create a sense of familiarity and eases those first appointment nerves.

Every member of our team will aim to make your visit as relaxing as possible, from initial contact, to the welcome when you arrive, and the time spent in the dental chair. We will explain everything to you so that you understand your own dental health and any treatment that may be required, helping to ensure that you are always in full control of your dental needs.

The team at Skye Dental will work with you to provide a truly tailored service, designed to put you at ease from the moment you arrive. We have lots of ideas and methods that we have used with success to alleviate dental nerves – we’d love to help you, too!

Nervous Patients
The Wand

“The Wand” or STA (Single Tooth Anaesthesia) system is a local anaesthetic delivery system. The system eliminates the use of the traditional syringe-style injection for numbing your mouth before a dental procedure. If you're afraid of needles, then the Wand STA system is perfect for you.

Actually, The Wand is the only method of anaesthetic delivery offered at Skye Dental because we believe every patient deserves a good experience, no matter what their background is. Nervous patients in particular happen to like this very much.


Skye Dental offers intravenous sedation for those patients who are very nervous or for those who are undergoing extensive treatment such as oral surgery, implants or wisdom tooth removal.

Our dedicated visiting consultant anaesthetist is very experienced in providing sedation and is more than happy to help you reach a relaxed state to have your dental treatment carried out. He will administer an anaesthetic in the back of your hand and provide oxygen for you to breathe. The team will continually monitor you as you enter a light sleep-like state and once the procedure is completed, you will waken from this and feel like you have had a short nap.

Sedation is much safer than General Anaesthetic and it is safe enough to be carried out in the dental practice. You will be able to go straight home after the procedure but we always recommend that somebody escort you home, whether it is a family member or a friend. The good thing about sedation is that you will have no recollection of the dental procedure, so this helps to alleviate fears and prevent further anxiety about future visits.

Oral Sedative

You will be prescribed five tablets of Valium 5 mg. Please take two tablets before you go to bed the night before your appointment. This is a loading dose. The second dose of three tablets should be taken one hour before your scheduled appointment in the morning.

Please do not have any caffeine (coffee, tea, soda) or alcohol the day before and the morning of your appointment. Please do not eat breakfast before your appointment unless you are a diabetic. If you are diabetic, please eat a light breakfast like toast. The anaesthetic works better when you have no alcohol or caffeine in your system. If you are taking any prescribed medications, please take them with water.

You will need to have a ride to and from your dental appointment as you will be unable to drive. They can drop you off for your appointment and we can call them to pick you up when you are almost done.

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