Your Patient Journey

Your Patient Journey at Skye Dental
Step One
Initial contact

We offer a unique end-to-end service; our staff will care for you from the moment we first hear your voice up until your final review. Our first impressions begin during a new patient enquiry phone call. We will try to obtain as much information as possible in order to arrange for you to see the most relevant member of our team.

Your Patient Journey
Step Two

Once you step through the doors of the historic shophouse situated on the corner of Club Street, you will enter a calm dental clinic where you will be looked after. Relax in our spacious reception area and take your time to admire the shophouse. You will fill out a medical history questionnaire and register with the practice. We will then bring you into one of the treatment rooms to begin your appointment.

Your Patient Journey
Step Three

Your initial appointment with one of our experienced dentists will be thorough. The dentist will examine your mouth and talk to you about any concerns. We may take photographs and relevant X-rays that will complement our thorough clinical examination. Then we will discuss the best treatment plan for you, making sure you understand everything.

Your Patient Journey
Step Four

The treatment will always begin with your consent and the dentist will ensure you are comfortable and at ease. We ensure the dentistry is pain-free and seamless in its delivery, using the most advanced techniques and equipment available. Treatment will always be timed well so there is no rush, and you will feel more relaxed at the end of the appointment.

Your Patient Journey
Step Five

When your treatment is over, we’re pretty confident that we’ll have got everything right. However, to be on the safe side, we continue seeing patients for post-treatment review. We also ensure that you are all ok before leaving the practice and our staff and doctors are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. The aftercare does not end there; we will follow up with you by phone in the following days, checking that everything is good after treatment.

Your Patient Journey

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