Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontics is specialty of dentistry that focus on the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of malalignment of teeth and jaws. If left untreated, patients may be at an increased risk of:

1. Tooth decay and gum disease

Overlapping teeth can be difficult to clean thoroughly, and these areas are more vulnerable to developing dental decay or caries. Once dental decay develops in these areas, restoring them with fillings can sometimes be technically challenging, and may even pose an aesthetic problem for the smile. Preventing secondary decay in teeth that have fillings will be a life-long burden for the patient.

2. Excessive toothwear

Teeth that are not in proper occlusion with each other can often show signs of excessive wear and tear. With time, these teeth can show signs and symptoms such as sensitivity or thinning of the enamel. Restoring these teeth with fillings can also be challenging as there may be insufficient space or natural tooth tissue to do so.

3. Chewing difficulties and indigestion

Improper dental or jaw relationships can cause difficulties in chewing especially if they are severe. Correction of these problems may often be more effective in growing patients, which is why early orthodontic assessment is important.

4. Sleep apnoea

More and more research is being done on the relationship between tongue-ties or lip-ties in children and the subsequent development of sleep apnoea and snoring. Orthodontic treatment can be beneficial in some of these children to address the problems of mouth breathing as well as to establish a more normal pattern of dental and jaw development.

Fixed braces

Fixed orthodontic braces are considered the more traditional option for straightening your teeth. These types of braces are fixed onto the teeth and cannot be removed until the completion of your orthodontic treatment.

Metal braces are made of high-grade stainless-steel brackets which are able to engage an archwire using natural or colourful elastomeric ties. They are the most commonly seen type of braces, as they can be used to treat many different types of dental problems and conditions.

Ceramic braces are an aesthetic fixed alternative to metal braces. These are made of a fine-grained polycrystalline ceramic material which is both resistant to staining as well as breakages. Ceramic braces are also more comfortable than the traditional metal braces, and significantly reduce the occurrence of ulcers especially when they are fixed bonded onto the teeth.

Although clear aligners such as Invisalign are more popular these days, traditional fixed braces can be a better option for certain conditions or orthodontic treatment plans.

Adult treatment

Think braces are just for kids? Think again. Modern orthodontics can straighten smiles of any age. As long as your teeth and gums are healthy, we can help you to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Some people missed out on getting braces as a child for various reasons. Orthodontists have discovered that retainers must be worn for much longer than recommended previously, so some adults who had braces as a child may find their teeth have shifted back to their original positions. Luckily, tooth alignment can be changed at any age, and it’s never too late to get that stunning smile.

Thanks to advancements in orthodontics, more and more adults are now opting for clear and invisible braces. Adult braces can drastically improve your appearance and self-esteem.

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Orthodontic Braces
Why get braces as an adult?
  • To achieve a beautiful smile: A straighter smile can make the world of difference to your face.
  • Improve your oral health: Crooked teeth can contribute to tooth decay, wear of the tooth enamel, headaches, jaw joint pain, and gum and bone loss. Once tooth decay occurs between overlapping teeth, it can make restoring these teeth technically difficult.
  • Comfortable treatment techniques: Thanks to new orthodontic techniques and materials, braces don’t have to be associated with severe discomfort anymore. There’s never been a better time to straighten your teeth.
  • Less visible treatment options: Invisalign clear aligners, lingual or ceramic braces are suitable treatment options for adults concerned about having metal braces showing.
Orthodontic Braces
How is Orthodontic treatment different for adults?

Adults who didn’t benefit from orthodontic treatment when younger may face a more complex treatment regiment than children. This can be because:

  • The jaws are no longer growing.
  • The gums and bone supporting their teeth may be damaged or diseased.
  • Teeth may be worn, damaged or missing.

Although adults pose unique challenges when it comes to orthodontic treatment, patients of any age can enjoy a beautiful smile with good treatment planning and execution.

Facially Driven Dental Design

Dr May Ling Eide uses facially driven dental design to give patients the smiles they should have.

There is no 'one size fits all' approach. Every case is customised taking into account the unique proportions of the patient’s face.

When treating adults, braces alone may not be enough to achieve a “Hollywood” smile. Other dental techniques such as composite bonding, gum surgery or replacing missing teeth, may be required. Dr Eide and Dr Andrew work closely to plan the best treatments for their patients, taking into consideration the patient’s wishes first and foremost.

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